Behind Veronica’s Paintings and Her Story

Veronica was born in Südtirol, Italy in 1992. She is the fifth of eight children. Her parents, who overcame many obstacles in life, influenced Veronica's mindset from an early age.

His father Francesco, lost his younger loved brother at a young age trough a terribly incident and his parents passed away when he was only 21.

He decided to take care of his other 4 siblings (the two youngest were only 6 years old). At that time, Veronica's dad and mom were just a couple.

Veronica’s mother Rosvithe, grew up in a very poor family, where basic things like water, food and the most important: love, were often lacking.

Her life has been one of sacrifice since her childhood, with the constant thought of being worthless.

But Rosvithe and Francesco had something that helped them to overcome every terrible situation: unconditional love and God.

They were able to see the world trough a different lent.

They gave birth to 8 children and managed to create a united family, giving them a unique outlook on life through faith and overcoming pain using a different perspective.

Unfortunately the fourth son Daniele, at the age of 13 months, was diagnosed with fulminant meningitis.

The doctor’s heartbroken announced his future death.

During Daniele’s hospitalization the doctors announced Veronica’s mother that there was a glimpse of light shining in the darkness.

Rosvithe was pregnant.

Veronica’s Story began in that moment. She brought a glimpse of light in the darkest moment.

Daniele, miraculously survives, but will fight his disability for the rest of his life. He is the greatest love and miracle of whole family.

Veronica was born the 7th July, growing up in the beautiful town of “Ortisei” surrounded by nature, animals and traditions.

Like everyone else, Veronica overcome many obstacles, fears and doughs in life, anyway she learned that the world is a beautiful place and that even bad things can be a part to complete a fulfilled life.

Nowadays unfortunately darkness is all over the world, especially in families. Veronica’s goal is to give the whole world the vision her parents gave her as a child. Seeing  beauty even if life can be very tough. Veronica wants to bring colors into the darkness. She wants to bring to the world, the vision of how she find Beauty and how she overcomes pain through it.

But to see colors you need light.

Veronica wants to be again that glimpse of light in the darkness.

You might wonder how a glimpse of light can change the world?

Remember:  That a small glimpse of light can illuminate even the darkest room.

Art Exhibition | Events


Title: „ 7 artists meets milano “

  • Palazzo via Durini 9
  • 17.04. - 20.04.2024
  • 17. al 20. Aprile Ore 10.00 - 19.00

  • 16. al 19. Aprile

Ore 18.00 alle 23.00


"Messe München"

  • 28.02. - 03.03.2024
  • Am Messeturm, 81829 München


"Herbstmesse" 2023

  • 09.11. - 12.11.2023
  • Fiera di Bolzano

"29. UNIKA Kunstmesse" 2023

  • 31.08. – 03.09.2023
  • Val Gardena, Roncadizza
  • Vernissage Mercoledì 30.08.2023


" Esposizione Collettiva Unika Corvara Alta Badia" 2023

  • 01.08. - 22.08.23
  • Corvara

"Esposizione Collettiva Unika Sala Luis Trenker " 2023

  • 15.07. – 04.09.2023
  • Val Gardena, Ortisei
  • Vernissage Sabato 15.07.2023 ore 11:00


"Ausstellung im Naturpark Haus Schlern - Rosengarten" 2023

  • 12.05. – 23.06.2023
  • Seis am Schlern
  • Vernissage Venerdì 12.05.2023 ore 17:00


"Ausstellung IHM München" 2023

  • 08.03 - 12.03.2023
  • München


"Mutation" Ausstellung Franzensfeste 2023

  • 18.03 - 04.06.2023
  • Via Brennero Forte di Fortezza (BZ)

Kunsthanwerk live 22.04.2023

Künstlergespräche und Katalogvorstellung 13.05.2023


  "Heim+Handwerk" 2022

  • 30.11. - 04.12. 2022
  • Am Messeturm, 81829 München


  "Herbstmesse" 2022

  • 03.11. - 06.11.2022
  • Fiera di Bolzano


"Farben im KUNST-HAND-WERK " 75 anni artigianato artistico nell'apa 2022

  • 27.09.-30.09.2022
  • Castel Mareccio - Bolzano


"Shop&Art" Ortisei 2022

  • 24.09. - 30.09.2022
  • Negozio: "Maiadiva"  


     "UNIKA Fiera dell'arte Val Gardena" 2022

  • 01.09. - 04.09.2022
  • Inaugurazione il 31.08.2022 alle ore 18:00