Flow 60x60 cm (Original)

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Original Art Work. Size 60x60x2 cm entirely hand painted by the artist Veronica Caterisano using the Technique of Oil Painting and Acrylic on Canvas.

Product Information

Unique and Original Realistic Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas painted by the artist Veronica Caterisano.
Modern\Contemporary Style 


Ideal for Modern and Contemporary Interiors


It can be located in the hallway, bedroom, bathroom and living room. 


Perfect to combine with a modern\minimalist decor accompanied by soft and natural colors giving the house a unique and original touch with the presence of the work. 

Size or Dimensions

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60x60x2 cm

Technique and Support

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Original Realistic Oil and Acrylic Hand Painting on Canvas. 


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The 'Flow' called 'The optimal state between mind and body' is perhaps the only state in which the mind takes the reins. He takes total control of the body, mind and instincts. Considering the 'Flow' as a place has always been my theory, because when you paint, and you are in a flow state, it means you are no longer in a specific place. The mind and soul transport you to the most extraordinary and unimaginable places ..Where even the impossible becomes possible… 


Il “Flusso” chiamato “Lo stato ottimale tra mente e corpo” è forse l’unico stato in cui la mente prende le redini. Prende il totale controllo del corpo, della mente e degli istinti. Considerare il “ Flusso” come un luogo è sempre stata una mia teoria, perché quando si dipinge, e ci si trova in uno stato di flusso, significa non trovarsi più in un luogo specifico. La mente e l’anima ti trasportano nei posti più straordinari ed inmagginabili.. dove anche l’impossibile diventa possibile…

Further Information

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The Art Work will be packed and shipped safely to not damage it during transport.
 It can be picked up personally if the customer wishes.

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